Aleta Levine


Since my retirement in late 2003 I have focused upon developing my artistic interests and skills, something I had less time to do while I was busy developing those things in others during my career as an art instructor.  Family continues to be important to me and as mine has grown through my children’s marriages and the growth of their families I have brought images and impressions from it into my creative work.  My goal has been to meld two loves into one.

My propensity tends toward realism and my medium of choice is printmaking.  Viewers of my works can usually see images they can identify.  To these images I may add color and tome, complex patterns and intricate details sometimes created by using the chime colle technique.  Often I use photographs.  At times they are of people currently in my life such as my grandchildren or extended family.  At other times they are strangers who I try, through my art, to make part of my life.



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