Amy Finkston



“I have had a life long involvement in art which includes painting, drawing, print making and collage.  I have been a teacher in the Great Neck Adult Education Program for over a decade. 

I taught a two dimensional (2D0 critique course where students had their work discussed in relation to historical and contemporary art trends.  Currently, I manage a Figure Drawing and Painting Workshop.  In addition, I teach a course in The Art of Collage which I believe encourages participants to be more free in their art work and in their lives.  I designed the cover of the 2012-13 Great neck Adult Education Catalogue of Courses.  The course offerings are available to Manhasset residents.

The cover design of the 2012-13 Great neck Adult Education Catalogue is part of a larger collage which I created and which hangs in the lobby of the Cumberland Building that houses the art program.

I am the Art Coordinator for the Manhasset Public Library and have a vision for the MPL exhibitions to be both pleasing to the eye and informative for people in and outside the Manhasset community.

I am a graduate of Cornell University.  My work has won awards in exhibitions and is included in private collections.”

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