Arielle Dugue


As a young artist, I’ve had a love for art ever since I was four years old.

When I attended Pratt Institute and Art Student League in Manhattan at the age of nine for the summer, the experience helped enhance my skills.  What inspired me to be an artist is the freedom to use your imagaination and creativity to share with others and enjoy the process of exploring the various wasys of making art and looking forward to the results of a complete artwork.

I love to constantly find ways to incorporate different objects or other medium into my work such as shells, beads, human hair, foil, thread and much more.  Most of my inspirations are from artists such as Thomas Kincade, Norman Rockwell, Vik Muniz and Liz Lou, just to name a few because of their unique sense of creativity.  These artists drive me to push myself more to create art that is unique and eye catching.  Since art has been my passion, my goal is to take my artistic talents and use it to do illustrative work for children’s books, cartoons, and design logos for businesses in need.

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