Constance Wain



Constance Wain, award winning artist, has been described as versatile and innovative, moving through drawing and painting to experimental, expressive printmaking and mixed media.  Seeking new ways to deal with the human condition, from inner reflection to themes of connection, and universal concerns, she often relies on symbol and metaphor.  Her current work consists of mono-prints and drawings, inspired by the petroglyphs and rock art of the Southwest.

The artist has benn an exhibiting member of the b.j. spoke gallery in Huntington for more than 30 years.  She attributes her choice of themes, which result in a series, to her long-time opportunity to explore and experiment.  She also cites the importance of Life events, teaching, headlines, return to school in the 60’s and the role of her art therapy training at Pratt in affecting her process.

While the materials and forms may change, within the diversity these are often connections.  Concepts have also included the natural world, ancestral and archetypal images, among others.  Her RITUAL series used natural materials, while the SOPHIA series relied on silkscreen and a Renaissance print.  There is also the rich discovery of working with found wood objects.

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