Dawn Steinberg


I’ve been taking photographs as a creative writing tool since the beginning of my teaching career.

Early in my marriage, we set up a dark room in our basement to chronicle our new addition: our son.  Widowed, retired, and a newly minted grandmother, I rediscovered my camera and began to document every smile, step and activity of my two grandchildren and my travels since meeting a wonderful gentleman.  After moving to North Shore Towers in 2009, and joining the North Shore Towers Camerca Club and the Manhasset-Great neck Camera Club, I have been exhibiting and entering photo competitions.

I love capturing images of the natural world, (people, animals, places), or man-made architecture.  I enjoy finding beauty in the mundane, whether it is a lineup of bikes, the base of the Eiffel tower or a stack of kettles.  Beauty surrounds us, we just have to open our eyes to take it all in.

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