Dorrit Title


“Creating art is always a journey: into time , memory and space…

to transform reality and combine it with found objects, evoking experience that can only be described by the artist.  It is what draws me back to art all the time.  I discover the past and present through the creative process and it is always a surprise and discovery of new insights.  That is the journey I take with art.”

Dorrit Title explores art in various mediums: assemblage, painting, collage, printmaking and photography.
A graduate of The Cooper Union Art School and The San Francisco Art Institute, her work has been shown at the Nassau County Museum of Art, Hechscher Museum, Graphic Eye Gallery, the Firehouse Gallery, and many other locations including the Great Neck Arts Center.  Her art is in many collections and she has won numerous prizes.

A long-time resident of Great Neck, she teaches art in the Great Neck Adult Program and is on the Arts Advisory Committee of The Great Neck Arts Center.

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