Fran Gordon


“Learning English”

“The quest for knowledge knows no boundaries. Even in the poorest of countries, it is universally understood, that the pathway towards a brighter tomorrow and future success is dependent upon the ability to go to school.

As a former teacher, whose career was spent in a public school with a private school setting, I was shocked and appalled at the lack of educational opportunities for children in many parts of the world.  In 2008, after my first trip to Nepal, I decided to actively try to initiate some change.  In 2010, Nepal Program for Progress, Inc. became a recognized and registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Currently, we are operating in the eastern Solukhumbu District of Nepal.  Working in destitute remote areas, we have built two libraries, provided water to four schools, renovated and upgraded two schools, and gifted educational materials and books to enhance curriculum.

The Nepali people speak multiple languages including Nepali, Hindi, and their mother tongue language.  But it is English that everyone is striving to learn.  As the universal language understood around the world, it is the common language that unites us.

So in this very small and poor country, I have learned that life has no boundaries.  The only fences that exist are the ones we put up ourselves.  For me, expanding my boundaries has been exciting, uncomfortable, difficult and ultimately gratifying.  It’s never easy to go further than you think you can…but you can.”

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