Gail Staal


Gail Staal is a self trained artist. She has been a Clinical Social Worker for the last 25 years working with individuals and groups, and her specialty is Mindfulness Meditation, Gestalt Psychotherapy and Trauma Healing.
This series: THE GALAXIES began when her husband of 27 years was ill and dying. Gail and her husband, Murray Staal were avid students of what is known as a Fourth Way School. This path of inquiry recognizes that a person who values truth can live in the world as a source of healing and service for the relief of suffering and ignorance on this planet. Gail developed her painting and collage passion as a way to personally and professionally live more deeply and more consciously. She shares her art with her students and encourages creativity through self expression in whatever form is present and suitable. Often the people she works with find that they too can deepen their experience of life through accessing their creativity.
Painting THE GALAXIES was a way for Gail to achieve a larger and more peaceful perspective while her husband was facing his death and the ending of their familiar life together.

Featured in:

“Namaste” 2017

“Bits & Pieces” 20217-18


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