George Adler


“Tulip Dreams” – “The influence of computer technology will be inescapable in the future of photography…

But it should not ruin the original idea of the artist freezing the moment of pleasure what he, or she is seeing through his or her eyes and wants to share with others.

“I was born in Hungary.  As a 12 year old I barely survived the Holocaust but lost both my parents in the concentration camps.  With the help of relatives I finished my studies under the communist dictatorship and during the Hungarian uprising in 1956 I escaped to the West and settled in America.  I worked as an engineer, later I owned a construction management company which provided me with some free time to pursue my true love: the fine arts.  I attended painting courses at the Art Students League in NYC and later studied stone carving with Lissy Dennet.  During the last 10 years I had one man shows in Miami Beach, Port Washington and Great Neck exhibiting my sculptures.  But all this time my camera never left me, I became addicted to taking pictures of interesting, or beautiful things all around me and anywhere I traveled.  Photography became my passion in art.

“I do not use Photoshop.  I use my computer to store my pictures, organize them and to improve the technical quality of the shots, but not to change their composition.  There are of course exceptions like those of the four photos I show in this exhibition.  I used the Picassa program to make these shots exceed reality to enhance their beauty.  I use a Panasonic Lumix camera and a Canon PhotoShot SX10.  One year ago I joined the Manhasset/Great Neck Camera Club and received a number of first prizes in their monthly competitions.”

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