Government Information

Government Information Series: Government in the News: Access to the Federal Government

With the new administration, access to the federal agencies and federal government documents is easily available to us. It is as close as our online catalog.

For the federal agencies visit the website, where you can find links for anything from childcare to voting rights.

For documents there is online access through This site is set up by the Government Publishing Office. These are documents produced by all agencies of the federal government. They can be searched by title, category and date.

In our online catalog we have access to e-government documents through our special collections. Search in the ENCORE window for links to the e-government documents. You can go directly to Encore by Clicking on ENCORE.  There are discussions in the news about the number of positions that have not been filled in the executive branch. To identify these positions look in Encore and search for the current United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions, also known as Plum Book which lists the titles, duties and salaries of these positions.

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