Shelli Robiner-Ardizzone


Visual Artist-Painter

I am One Fortunate Artist, living the life for which I was created.

Since childhood I have been creating and exploring some sort of art-related visual project.  Being a creative person, my life as an artist assured that there was a safe harbor deep inside.  Art has always been a loving, joyous, nurturing, grounding and healing part of me.  I grew into adulthood knowing that I had a special gift, which has guiding me to make favorable life choices that honored my authentic self.

I grew up in post-war Detroit, Michigan, my family of first-generation Americans worked to provide a better life for their three children.  My mother saw to it that I was exposed to the world of museums, dance and art.  She and I traveled by public transportation to after-school classes for gifted art students at the Detroit Institute of Art.

“Paint by Numbers” oil painting connected me to the artists I admired.  What joy!  I continue to experience the thrill of applying paint just as I did in childhood.

As an art teacher in the Detroit Public Schools I learned to plan and organize effectively.  I loved teaching art to inner city students and 30 years later I am teaching an adult population following their art dreams.  I have worked as a textile colorist and designer, accessories designer and importer, jewelry designer and owner of ArtZone Decorative Painting Co.

However, on Saturdays and summer vacations I maintained a lifeline to art classes at the Art Students league of NY and the National Academy.  I found a strong art community and also met and married fellow painter Joe Ardizzone.

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