Leo Jung


Leo Jung was born in Seoul, Korea two years after the end of the Korean Was.  In his late teens, he inherited a Fuji manual camera from his father, beginning his love of photography and art.  However, with college and mandatory service in the Korean army, photography was left on the back burner.

After moving to the United States, getting married, and raising two daughters, his main priority became his family.  His camera was tucked away in the back of his closet, and he picked it up every once in a while to see if its shutter worked.

Now, with his daughters grown and retirement on the way, he decided to pick up photography again.  While not using the manual camera, Leo Jung purchased a digital Canon 5D Mach II to start his passion for photography again.  With the encouragement of his wife and his photography group, Leo started taking more pictures in earnest combining his love of nature with his love of art and culture.

Recently, he was invited to join a Korean Mission group traveling to Cuba, volunteering as the photographer for the church.  Upon arrival, he realized the timelessness of the country still trapped in the 1960s.  With his camera, Leo captured the daily life of a world long before cellphones and the Internet.  Elegant vintage cars drive top down on the small streets amongst barefoot children playing soccer.  Without the influence of society today, the Cuban people truly capture the feeling of “simple living.”

Featured photographer 3rd Floor Gallery Summer 2017

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