Liz Ehrlichman


“Ulamume…And I Said “  “I have always needed to make things. 

My mother used to call this ‘having a project.’  When I became a mother myself, I found that my ‘projects’ began to take the form of ceramics and then painting.  I went back to school, taking art classes I would have had as an art major.  Then graduate school in painting and an MFA degree.  Then a career as a librarian (oh, please, don’t ask!).  Finally in 1999, retirement and a return to making art.  I have rejoiced in my return to art making ever since.  I am a member of the BJ Spoke Gallery in Huntington, the Huntington Arts Council and the Art League of Long Island.  My ways of making art don’t always look like one another.  I’m always asking myself what new and interesting thing I might do next.”

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