Mark Lutin


No one ever taught me how to ride a bike; somehow I just knew.

My first ride at the age of six, on a bike with pedals I could barely reach, was an exhilarating rush that sparked a life-long obsession with riding.

My love affair with photography began with an ancient Brownie knock-off.  I can still remember the thrill of opening up the yellow Kodak envelope at the camera store and seeing the tangible memories of a trip to Washington, D.C.  A trusty Nikkormat was my companion throughout college and I even took a job teaching photography under a federal grant..

Marriage, children, long hours at work…my bike and camera were eventually put aside and forgotten.  but by the fall of 2001, my kids had grown and I needed to do something to shake off my mid-life doldrums.  New York was still reeling from 9/11 when I finally wheeled my bike out of the garage and climbed back into the saddle to re-connect with the city I love.

Since then I have spent almost every weekend, even in the dead of winter, riding around the city and photographing all of the beauty it has to offer,  But you won’t see the standard Empire State Building-Statue of Liberty-UN photos in my portfolio.  I seek the odd and offbeat; remnants of the old city poking through angles that just don’t seem right, and close crops that force a viewer to stop, stare and question.

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