Mimi Wohlberg


As an interior designer for many years, my involvement with fabric and color were foremost in my work.

It was a natural progression for me to express in my art what I see and feel into the medium of fiber art/quilting.

I began quilting over 20 years ago using traditional quilt patterns and motifs, but soon I needed to expand into abstract expression of the world around me.  New materials and mediums add to the vocabulary of tools used in this exciting art form.

One of my newest tools has been printmaking.  It is a natural transition from printing on fabric to printmaking on paper.  Again color and design in abstraction play the most important role in this medium.

My work begins with a kernel of an idea- whether from a photograph, sketch, thought, color or shape- it progresses till that moment when I feel IT’S DONE!!

In the last number of years my work has taken another turn.  The combination of my Judaic heritage and background and my quilting have come together in the form of large installations, ark covers and chupot (marriage canopies) I have been commissioned to do for synagogues and private collections bother in the U.S. and Israel.  My printmaking as well incorporates themes from my Judaic background.

A graduate of NYU with a degree in Speech and Hearing Therapy, it was not long before design called me and I returned to school to Pardons for a two year program and degree in interior design.

Born and trained in the NY area, I have lived and worked not far from my roots most of my life- but have traveled extensively, and I feel my travels have added to my artistic vocabulary and palette.

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