Nancy Rifkin


“I have enjoyed making art for more than 20 years.  For me it is the process of making art that is so exciting.  It is the creative process of combining color, shape and spatial relationships that is the essence of my work.  I have always been passionate about using color and design.  My love of watercolor, the medium I use, has allowed me to create art which has a certain freedom, fluidity and design.

I have had the pleasure of exhibiting at the Brooklyn Waterfront Association.  Having been a member of the Douglaston Art League, I participate in exhibits.  During the past three years I have had the pleasure of exhibiting in an art auction sponsored by the Kore Press located in Tucson, Arizona.

I began printmaking 8 years ago.  My love for watercolor has transferred to my printmaking designs.  I have incorporated color, design and balance in my art and whether I choose to use monotype process or screen painting the response to color and design is apparent.”

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