Nancy Yoshi


I spent thirty years as a ceramic artist, working the clay in a tightly controlled way, making subtly glazed classic forms.  So it has been exhilarating and positively liberating to jump into the world of exploding color, pattern, and composition that, for me, is collage.

My work, both abstract and figurative, is composed of many materials:handmade and commercial papers, fabric, organic and inorganic found objects, parts of my own mono-prints and paintings…whatever works is invited into the composition.  Techniques I use include gluing, sewing, cutting, weaving, quilting, and digital photography, that latter usually pushed to abstract extremes.

Having lived many years in Japan, I find the aesthetic figures strongly in much that I do.  And my 2013 journey to India, a lifelong dream come true, has doubled my store of inspiration.

In addition to my travel influences, I also bring to my work the fruits of 37 years of nurturing and artistic generosity in many media from my fellow artists in the Long Island Craft Guild, for which I am grateful.  I do collage for the sheer joy of it, for play, for the (almost) instant gratification, the the absolute freedom to create whatever pleases me- what good fortune!

Feature in:
“Bits & Pieces”- 2017-18


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