Paulette Singer


Part of Printmaking

“The prints on view are part of a series of reduction block woodcuts that include the line of text, ‘I Will Not Take These Things For Granted.’  (These words are also the core of an extended body of work that combines printmaking and small scale sculpture, 365 objects in all.)

“Each of these prints is unique, not part of an edition.  The image is altered by overprinting, chine colle and hand coloring.  A reduction block print relies on the progressive cutting away of the wood…cut, ink, print, cut, ink, print, cut, ink, print…and in the end, destruction of the block.  An exhilarating way to work!

“‘I Will Not Take These Things For Granted’ becomes ‘I Will Take Thee In’  when “Not s Th gs For Granted’ are cut away.  Everything changes with a few strokes of the cutting tool.”

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