Library Policies


Code of Conduct

All persons on the premises of the Manhasset Public Library (the “Library”) are expected to comply with the following

Library staff may:

  1. Require any patron to produce a library card or other valid identification upon request.
  2. Inspect backpacks, briefcases, handbags, packages, and other personal belongings to assure compliance with Library policies.


The following are prohibited on Library premises:

  1. Any illegal activity
  2. Alcohol, drugs, or weapons
  3. Damage to the property of others or damage, destruction or littering of Library property, including the Library parking lot and grounds.
  4. Mutilating, defacing, or damaging Library property or Library materials by underlining, highlighting, tearing, removing pages, or portions of pages, removing bindings, or electronic theft devices.
  5. Loitering.  Persons must be engaged in activities associated with the use of a public library.  Persons not reading, writing, studying, researching, using Library materials, attending Library functions, or engaging in quiet contemplation will be asked to leave the Library building.
  6. Disrupting other patrons’ lawful use of the Library.
  7. Abusive language, threats, gestures or any other negative behavior toward Library patrons or staff– such behavior may be reported to the police.
  8. Visual or audio recording of Library patrons or staff without written permission from the Library’s Board of Trustees, and the individual(s) being recorded.
  9. Children under the age of eleven (11) without adult supervision.  Proper adult supervision means a child is to be within sight of the parent or caregiver at all times when on the Library premises.
  10. Entering the children’s area unless accompanied by a child, or requiring immediate access to children’s material.
  11. Persons not wearing shirts or shoes, or whose bodily hygiene is so offensive as to constitute a nuisance.
  12. Bathing, shaving, and washing clothing or other items, or any other misuse of Library restrooms or water fountains.
  13. Bottled water may be consumed throughout the Library except in the computer centers or in proximity to other PCs stationed throughout the Library.
  14. Other beverages may be purchased in the Café and must be consumed there, but food is prohibited throughout the library.
  15. Smoking
  16. Sleeping
  17. Use of furniture, floor space, or stairways that hinder access, or poses an unsafe situation to Library patrons, or staff, or could result in damage to Library property.
  18. Running, skateboarding, rollerblading, using sports equipment and boisterous behavior in the Library or on Library property.
  19. Any animal – with the exception of specifically trained service animals to assist the disabled.
  20. Entering unauthorized areas, or remaining in the Library during emergency evacuations, drills, or after closing.
  21. Cell phone use, except in the entrance lobby.
  22. Use of personal electronic equipment except at volume low enough that other library users are not disturbed.
  23. Noise – conversations must be low enough that other Library users are not disturbed.
  24. Distribution or posting of materials without authorization from the Board of Trustees.
  25. Commercial activity or solicitation of any kind, including for charitable purposes.


The above Code of Conduct is not intended to be a complete list of violations, but is intended for guidance only.  The Library Board, the Library Director and Library staff reserve the right to take appropriate action against any other behavior which can reasonably be deemed to be offensive or disturbing to Library patrons or staff.

The primary responsibility for insuring compliance with this Code of Conduct rests with the Library staff and they are authorized to expel any person who, when advised of the above rules, fails to comply.  Staff is also authorized to contact the Nassau County Police Department, if necessary.

Misconduct or misuse of Library property on the part of juveniles will be reported to their parents.  The Library will seek restitution for damages to Library property or material from those responsible or in the case of a minor, that minor’s parent or guardian.  Breaches of conduct and misuse of Library property are grounds for the denial or revocation of Library privileges.

Any patron whose privileges have been denied or revoked shall be notified by registered mail and will have the right to appeal this decision to the Board of Trustees of the Manhasset Public Library.

Library Policies: TeenZone

  • The TeenZone is reserved to Teens grades 7-12.  Computers are exclusively for Teen use.
  • Computers are provided to help with school work as well as for personal (recreational) use
  • Guest passes will be given to teens from out of the district and at the discretion of the librarian on duty
  • Teens are permitted one 1 hour session per day
  • You may be asked to show identification
  • Anyone found to be on the computers illegally (using someone else’s card or number, bypassing the management system by hacking, etc.) may be asked to leave the TeenZone for the remainder of the day.


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