Sandy Jo Becker-Hyman


Born with limited vision, Sandy never knew what she couldn’t see.Though her images, she invites the viewer into her world and she explores the world others see.

“Not being able to drive, I walk.  I see things in ways others may not, draw to texture, pattern and shape, as well as vivid contrasts, but also to the softness of fog.  These are elements that make up much of my work in photography.  This is what I try to communicate and, in some cases, over-emphasize.  I am able to see the world much more clearly through my images, and, at the same time. I hope the viewer is able to appreciate my view of the world through them also.  I recently started processing my images in black and white, as that is the way I often see things.

“One more thing: Your visual acuity, whatever it is, is truly a gift to be shared with others every day.”

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