Caryn Covill


Art has always been part of my life.  Shortly after graduating with a B.F.A. from Rochester Institute of Technology, I started working in colored pencils.  Primarily a colored pencil artist, I have enjoyed extending my artistry into other mediums.  Several of my botanicals have been created with water colors.  My latest journey has been into the world of Oriental brush painting.  I enjoy the contrast between the very slow process of creating a colored pencil layer upon layer, and the spontaneity of brush painting, where I try to convey the essence of a subject by using minimal strokes of ink and watercolor.

I have shown and sold several of my paintings and giclees; and am a contributing artist in the book, “Masterful Color, Vibrant Colored Pencil Paintings layer by Layer”, by Arlene Steinberg

April 1-May 30

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