Eileen Walk


“The process of creation lies in the delicate balance between the intellectual and the intuitive.

 The courage to trust this balance is gained by diligence.  My personal quest and my teaching philosophy are based on a belief in the continual need for growth and personal expression; my expression and that of my students is communicated through the acquired language of the visual arts.  The creation of each piece of art is a discovery leading to a new way of seeing the ordinary and making tangible the journey of my life.”

Eileen Walk received her undergraduate and graduate degrees with honors from the School of Arts and Art Professions at New York University.  She has remained a practicing artist with a passion for enlarging her range of skills and sharing those skills with fellow artists and students.  Her post graduate work includes studying at the Art Students League, the University of Urbino, Italy, two terms at the National Gallery of Art Summer Institute, Savannah College of Art & Design, Connecticut Graphic Arts Center, the Sagamore Great Camp Artists’ Institute and numerous programs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and local colleges.

In addition to her current work as an artist, she is now a Fine Arts Clinician, including direct instruction, professional development, and the development of curriculum.

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