Monroe Halpern


 “Rising from the Ashes”

“Since my teenage years, photography has been a passionate interest of mine.  Those early years taught me photographic seeing skills as well as darkroom skills.  Another passionate interest of mine is computers.  Starting with the earliest days of personal computing, my ongoing interest and self-education has provided me with a digital skill set.  The emergence of digital photography, combined with my computer skills, has served to further enhance my photographic enthusiasm.  Walking our great city and striving to capture the various elements that make great pictures is a much enjoyed challenge.  Travel and landscape photography, capturing the essence of various locals is a creative test.  The marriage of the digital camera and the computer has brought about the birth of Photoshop and other applications.  These applications are tools that add yet another layer of creativity to the photographic process.  I seize every opportunity to utilize these tools to enhance my craft.

To keep the creative juices flowing there is nothing like associating with other photographers.  Exchange of visions, techniques and experiences is stimulating.  My participation in groups such as the Manhasset-Great neck Camera Club and Photo-Artists-Network (PHAN) certainly has been a great benefit.”

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