Sharon Bourke


“There is a battle within me as to what kind of art to make.  It is always waged between the same two tendencies of realism and abstraction, and abstraction or non-objective art always prevails.  It is as if I were helpless to choose anything else.  I surrender to a kind of spirit world that wants to manifest itself through the materials I use, the paper, paint, printer’s ink or digital screen.

“I sew etching together as if to make a cloth, and it is as if that cloth existed in an earlier time, with other images but with the same spirit.

“When living creatures appear in my work, they appear as spirits, with those creatures’ stillness, movement, or attitude, but not their actual body forms.  They seem to reveal themselves from the inside out.

“When I make art, what calls me is the metaphysical, the infinite, the awesome, the sublime.  That is what I seek, and if I approach even only the outer perimeters, it is art that has led me there.”

Shown here: “Blooming”

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