“I have no formal art education other than the courses I took in high school, but I have been a photographer, sketcher and doodler all of my life. 

Ever since a very young age, painting has been the most natural and exciting form of expression for me, and in the last few years I have experimented in, and developed my style of collage.

“Raindrops”  “I am Galina Lampert, a freelance artist, member of the National Association of Women Artists, and The Art Students League of New York.

Before I discovered the pure joy and exhilaration of creating digital images, I first loved writing fiction and poetry. Now my thoughts more frequently demand a graphic representation.

“My connection to making art began early.  As a young child, I would sit at the kitchen table and draw while my mother worked at her dressmaking.  As much as I wished to, I never pursued my desire to follow art as a career choice.  Instead, my life path led to college, marriage, family and teaching.  To nourish my creative side during this phase of my life, I created quilts, stained glass, and handmade books which could all be done whenever I had time.

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