“I have no formal art education other than the courses I took in high school, but I have been a photographer, sketcher and doodler all of my life. 

Raised by a family who appreciated art, Katherine Trunk has created a large collection of art since youth, entering exhibits and displaying her work in different venues in the metro area.

Ever since a very young age, painting has been the most natural and exciting form of expression for me, and in the last few years I have experimented in, and developed my style of collage.

Alan Fein is an unbelievable father and a loving husband. He is an award-winning physician, a tennis devotee, a historian, an optimist- and an exhibited photographer.

August 2014

From the Ground Up
“I came to live on Long Island only five years ago- from almost 15 years in Massachusetts followed by almost 10 years in Florida. 

A graduate of St. Martin’s School of Art (London) I spent my of my time at the Victoria and Albert Museums’ textile department studying centuries of rich embroideries and wall hangings.

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